The Joys of Hemp Show: April 4-6, Piscataway, New Jersey!

 The Joys of Hemp Show: April 4-6, Piscataway, New Jersey – five p.m. to one a.m. Friday, noon to one a.m. Saturday, eleven a.m. to four p.m. Sunday!


Cannabis is a weed that grows freely in every kind of soil and climate. Yes, never has such a free growing plant been subject to so much judgement and ridicule. Despite its popularity over millennia and the overwhelming benefits of this weed, it has been criminalized.


We have speakers; shows and entertainment and music; discussions and information; tables for a wide variety of cannabis-related organizations; and fantastic exhibitors! And you can get tickets right here.

We’re also hosting the Cannabis State Job Fair – providing both students and alumni the opportunity to meet with professional recruiters to secure career opportunities. If you are planning your career, this fair is a great way to network and find out more information about specific companies and areas of interest.

Make connections, network, and find new opportunities here; have a great time and a fantastic weekend;  meet like-minded souls, make friends, and enjoy yourself!


Our business goal is to help people in this rapidly growing field gain success in their enterprises. Our informational goal is to break down the negative preconceived beliefs about cannabis and educate policy-makers, politicians, and law enforcement professionals on how they can benefit from a significant revenue source.


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The manifestation of a creative individual becoming an advocate for medical freedom. National Candlelight Vigils from 2004-2012 Which commemorates deceased and living patients, diagnosed with one of the conditions for which cannabis is a medically recognized palliative. The Vigils to raise awareness by informing the public of the medical value and benefits of medical cannabis. View the candlelight t-shirts and raffle drawing shirts signed by Tommy Chong that benefited 4 medical cannabis organizations CMMNJ Cheryl L. Miller Memorial New Jersey, PhillyNorml, San Francisco Patients Cooperative and facts on facebook raffle drawing video
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421The Coalition for Medical Marijuana–New Jersey (CMMNJ) is a statewide organization that has been providing education about the benefits of safe and legal access to medical marijuana for ten years. For more information, join the CMMNJ e-mail list for monthly updates. Visit: Click on the link on the front page that says: Join our mailing list. CMMNJ also has free public meetings on the second Tuesday of each month. All meetings are held at the Lawrence Twp. Library from 7:00 PM until 9:00 PM. The library* is at 2751 Brunswick Pike, Lawrence Twp., at the corner of Business Rt. 1 and Darrah Lane in Mercer County. Donations to CMMNJ, an all-volunteer, 501(c)(3) public charity, are income tax deductible. Donations may be made via PayPal (click the link on our website) or send a check made out to “CMMNJ” to the address below. Gifts of $15 or more qualify for a CMMNJ t-shirt—specify size. Please be generous—think how much safe and legal access to medical marijuana means to you. Website



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