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2014 Vendors are listed below!

Universal Arts, Inc.

Playground Birthday Party 011 (1)Website | Facebook



Supporting Medical Cannabis Patients Since March 2001
The manifestation of a creative individual becoming an advocate for medical freedom. National Candlelight Vigils from 2004-2012 Which commemorates deceased and living patients, diagnosed with one of the conditions for which cannabis is a medically recognized palliative. The Vigils to raise awareness by informing the public of the medical value and benefits of medical cannabis. View the candlelight t-shirts and raffle drawing shirts signed by Tommy Chong that benefited 4 medical cannabis organizations CMMNJ Cheryl L. Miller Memorial New Jersey, PhillyNorml, San Francisco Patients Cooperative and WONPR.org facts on facebook raffle drawing video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rPfoA5LCYVI
cannabis flagLegally WOW…. received information from legal council January 9, 2014 21st century Indica & Sativa medical cannabis Flags, w/medical marijuana facts a/k/a State of Compassion™ have been accepted, approved and registered. With the Library of Congress. Supporting Veterans with PTSD. © 2012-2014 Universal Arts, Inc. All rights reserved.


The Coalition for Medical Marijuana–New Jersey (CMMNJ)

421The Coalition for Medical Marijuana–New Jersey (CMMNJ) is a statewide organization that has been providing education about the benefits of safe and legal access to medical marijuana for ten years. For more information, join the CMMNJ e-mail list for monthly updates. Visit: http://www.cmmnj.org. Click on the link on the front page that says: Join our mailing list. CMMNJ also has free public meetings on the second Tuesday of each month. All meetings are held at the Lawrence Twp. Library from 7:00 PM until 9:00 PM. The library* is at 2751 Brunswick Pike, Lawrence Twp., at the corner of Business Rt. 1 and Darrah Lane in Mercer County. Donations to CMMNJ, an all-volunteer, 501(c)(3) public charity, are income tax deductible. Donations may be made via PayPal (click the link on our website) or send a check made out to “CMMNJ” to the address below. Gifts of $15 or more qualify for a CMMNJ t-shirt—specify size. Please be generous—think how much safe and legal access to medical marijuana means to you. Website


Bel-Art Products

desiccatorWe are manufacturer of product solutions for the lab, science and health care industries. We make and sell desiccators. We also offer storage products. Website


QuickLabel Systems

kiaro_ejuice_200x300QuickLabel Systems makes desktop/tabletop label printers that allow companies like yours to “print your own professional labels” anytime you need them. Our Kiaro! label printer prints high-resolution color labels very rapidly, ideal for your growing business. Let us show you how easy it is to print your own labels! Facebook



8 - New York Street 1900-WEBLet FotoPlex take you to another time… a BETTER time and immortalize the moment for you. We are premiere green-screen photography specialists, coming to you well prepared with backdrops from the 1800’s to 1900’s as well as Steampunk fantasy backdrops. Obtain art-quality printing in mere minutes and enjoy your portraits for years to come!Website


Panic Hour

969066_564572896927886_1510499984_nThe Panic Hour is a comedy show and activist production troupe that produces a live, podcast show for thousands of uSTREAM and iTunes listeners in the region.we are the creators of Smoke Down Prohibition, a monthly federal cannabis protest in Philly. The Panic Hour has been getting a lot of attention across the country for its efforts in the legalization of cannabis. We have been teaming up with Philly NORML for monthly Smoke Down Prohibition protests at Independence Mall in Philadelphia, Pa. Our cause has started to pick up in national media such as ABC, CBS, Philly.com, Philadelphia Daily News,high times, releaf magazine The Huffington Post, Vice Magazine and Reddit. We will also be featured in September’s issue of High Times as their “Freedom Fighter” of the month for our efforts.Facebook



astro-med-test-and-measurement-brandAstro-Med® Test & Measurement designs, manufactures, and sells data acquisition systems which offer diagnostic and test functions to a wide range of manufacturers, and also a suite of Ruggedized printer products and Ethernet switches designed for military and commercial applications.

QuickLabel® Systems designs, manufactures, and sells digital label printing systems and label and ink printing supplies to end user manufacturers, producers, and retailers who choose to print their own labels as an alternative to purchasing pre-printed labels. Website


United Food and Commercial Workers Union

1237128_568299086562626_1968186685_nThe United Food & Commercial Workers (UFCW) is the medical cannabis & hemp industries union. Through its Cannabis Workers Rising Campaign, members bring democracy to the workplace and have a united voice in politics. By establishing standards for cannabis workers through collective bargaining, the union brings legitimacy to the work and stability to the industry. The UFCW is the nations largest private sector labor union and has a long history of advocating for workers and their families in highly regulated industries.


Puk Pipe

379141_432835343443052_136086926_nPUK PIPE was born on and still happily resides on the beautiful banks of the Ohio River in Cincinnati, Ohio. Founded by Kevin Bruns, this company is truly a “garage founded” company. Originally made on a drill press in 1989 in a friend’s garage during high-school, everyone loved the pipe design (though it only had four bowls in the early days) and was put to rest for a while to await re-emergence. Then a few years ago, after a career at NASA, the design was revisited by Kevin and fully revived as a truly engineered and manufactured product. The production then was more of a prototype lab until the company purchased its first 3-axis CNC router in May of 2009 to produced its first line of wood PUKs. During this time, the production level was approximately 50-100 units per week and costs were high. Today, we are well out of the garage and have sold thousands of units around the world using various materials and now are geared for our next phase…the much anticipated Glass PUK.Website


Island Accupuncture

A holistic way to improving your health. ~ Steven Mrowzinski, M.S., L.Ac.
Let us show you how Chinese medicine can help you:

  • Traditional Chinese Medicine has four pillars, or avenues of approach.
  • The first is acupuncture and Moxa.
  • The second is diet and herbs.
  • The third is exercise and partner assisted stretches.



Hemp Heaven

555410_411289372249244_407626033_nHemp Heaven is a retailer and wholesaler of organic hemp fabrics. Our hempen wares include men’s & women’s clothing, handbags and other accessories, and crafts. Hemp Heaven LLC educates the community about the benefits of hemp by demonstrating and explaining its virtues through vending at street fairs, farmers markets, and colleges.Facebook



581002_460140770672064_500999747_nThis is the New Jersey state chapter of the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws. NORML NJ is a non-profit corporation dedicated to uniting the millions of marijuana reform supporters in New Jersey.Website


Blazin’ Bakery

300x300promographicBlazin’ Bakery is the first and only company providing brownie mixes for herbal brownies. The mixes are optimized to create a more potent brownie quickly and with no experience needed.

We currently feature 2 products a classic oven mix and a new 3 minute just add herb and water microwave mix. What makes our mix special are several factors. First is coconut oil, which has a higher fatty acid content so it absorbs more of your active ingredients. Second is soy lecithin which is an emulsifier and makes the brownie hit you harder. Finally the oven mix has a blend of powdered oils that protect your brownies from loss of potency due too “bake off” at high oven temperatures.

Our product has been featured in several magazines including High TImes all with glowing reviews. We were recognized for best new product at Seattle Hempfest and are currently available at over 700 stores nationwide including Spencer Gifts. It is 100% legal in all 50 states, as well as legal for sale online and internationally. Website